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This organization shall be known as OVER THE MOUNTAIN QUILTERS' GUILD herein referred to as the Guild.


Over The Mountain Quilters’ Guild is a nonprofit organization. No part of the Guild income shall insure to the benefit of any member, director (however styled) or officer of the Guild or any private individual. Reimbursements or expenditures of reasonable compensation for services rendered shall not be deemed to be distribution of income or principle.


It shall be the purpose and goal of the Guild to promote and perpetuate the art of quilting. The work of the Guild is designed to benefit and educate all persons interested in preserving, continuing, and advancing this art. The Guild shall encourage a high standard of design and technique in all forms of quilting, and shall promote the art of quilting by teaching and sponsoring exhibits.


The Guild shall encompass the State of New Mexico and the headquarters shall be located in the city of Edgewood. New Mexico.


A person is eligible to become a member of the Guild on payment of membership dues.


Section A: The officers of the Guild shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These persons, plus the Standing Committee Chairmen (or Co-Chairmen) shall constitute the Board of Directors.

Section B: All terms of office shall be for one fiscal year, or until successors have been elected. Officers may be elected to consecutive terms.

Section C: The office of Secretary and Treasurer may. at the discretion of the Board of Directors, be occupied by the same individual.

Section D: If the President is unable to complete the term of office, the Vice-President will assume the office and duties of President. If the Secretary, Treasurer, or any elected standing committee chairman is unable to complete the term of office, the Board of Directors, by majority vote, shall appoint a member to serve the remainder of the expired term.


Section A: The President shall be the official representative of the Guild and shall preside at all meetings.

Section B: The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President and perform other duties as assigned by the President.

Section C: The duties of the Secretary shall include keeping a record of all proceedings of the Guild and Board of Directors, preparing and distributing meeting notices, managing official Guild correspondence, and preparing an annual report of the activities of the Guild.

Section D: The Treasurer shall have charge of the funds of the Guild, shall keep an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements, shall present financial records of the previous year to the audit committee by January 7, and make an account of all transactions whenever required. If required by the Board of Directors bond shall be furnished to guarantee the faithful performance of the above duties. The expense of such bond shall be borne by the Guild. The Treasurer in conjunction with the Membership chairman will maintain an accurate membership roster.


SECTION A: The management of the Guild wiII be vested in a Board of Directors referred to as the Board. The Board will consist of elected officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and the elected Standing Committee Chairmen and/or Co-Chairmen: Membership, Program, and Community Service

SECTION B: The Board will meet at least five (5) times per year. Notice of meetings will be announced at membership meetings.

SECTION C: Each Board member will have one vote.

SECTION D: A quorum at a Board meeting consists of a majority of Board members.

SECTION E: All Board meetings are open to the membership.

SECTION F: Any member may request time on the agenda of a Board meeting at least one day prior to the meeting at which the member wishes to speak.


SECTION A: STANDING COMMITTEE chairmen are elected by the membership and serve on the Board of Directors. Committee chairmen are encouraged to recruit other members to assist them in fulfilling the tasks assigned to them.

Membership: The Membership chairman shall supervise and coordinate the activities of the membership committee whose duty is to be concerned with service to members. The duties include maintaining an accurate membership roster in conjunction with the Treasurer and Membership Roster Chairman, issuing membership cards, distributing membership packets, and greeting new members and guests.

Program: The Program chairman or co-chairmen shall schedule programs that promote the art of quilting for each meeting. The programs may include hands-on projects such as block of the month projects and workshops taught by members or guests.

Community Service: The Community Service chairman seeks out appropriate service projects. The Community Service committee oversees all project(s) to completion. Participation in a community service project is encouraged of all members.

SECTION B: SPECIAL COMMITTEE chairmen are appointed by the president-elect. Committee chairmen are encouraged to recruit other members to assist them in fulfilling the tasks assigned to them.

Historian: The Historian maintains a written and photographic history of the Guild.

Sunshine: The Sunshine chairman sends greetings, condolences, and congratulations to members when appropriate.

Show and Tell: The Show and Tell chairman coordinates show and tell at each meeting.

Internet Coordinator: Establishes and maintains Web page for Guild.

Membership Roster: Publishes and distributes annual membership roster.

SECTION C: AD HOC COMMITTEES: Ad Hoc committees are created for special purposes. The chairmen are appointed by the President. Committee chairmen are encouraged to recruit members to assist them in fulfilling the tasks assigned to them.

Nominating: The Nominating chairman will submit a list of nominees for all elective offices and standing committee chairmanships at the September meeting.

Bylaws: The Bylaws chairman reviews and revises Bylaws for membership approval.

Auditor: The Auditor (chairman) along with the President-elect and one other guild member (who does not have signatory rights during the year being audited) appointed by the chairman examines the Guild financial records as of December 31 in January of the following year and certifies the records are complete and correct.

Budget: The Guild President as Chairman, the President-elect, the Treasurer and Treasurer-elect presents a working budget by December for the next year’s operation.


Section A: The Nominating Committee will submit a slate of nominees for all elective committee chairmen at the September meeting.

Section B: Nominations may be accepted from the floor. All nominees must agree to serve before election

Section C: All officers shall be elected in November. Newly elected officers and committee chairmen will assume duties and responsibilities on January 1.


Section A: The Guild shall hold a minimum of five meetings a year. A quorum for the transaction of business shall be twenty percent of the membership.

Section B: Each member will have one (1) vote.

Section C: Members requesting time on the meeting agenda are requested to notify the President one day prior to the meeting.


Section A: The fiscal year for the Guild shall begin on January 1 and end on December 31.

Section B: Members of the Guild shall pay yearly dues in an amount determined by a majority vote of members present at a membership business meeting. To assure continuous membership, dues for the coming year must be paid by December 31.

Section C: Members joining the Guild on or after July 1 and before October 1 shall pay one-half of the annual amount. Members joining the Guild on or after October 1 and before December 1 shall pay one-quarter of the annual amount.

Section D: All funds collected will be deposited in the Guild account.

Section E: The Guild will operate within a budget prepared by the Budget committee and ratified by the membership at the January business meeting.

Section F: Purchase of any item for which funds have not been budgeted will require approval from the majority of the members of the board.

Section G: The Guild will maintain a minimum balance equal to yearly rent expenses plus any contractual obligations.


In the event that dissolution of the Guild appears desirable for any reason, approval of the membership shall be obtained by ballot. Any assets remaining shall be applied and distributed first to the final payment and discharge of any liabilities or obligations of the Guild. Any remaining assets shall be distributed by approval of the membership.


Section A: These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those guild members present at a membership business meeting.

Section B: Notice of intent to amend the Bylaws will be distributed at a regularly scheduled meeting. Notice will include the article(s) and section(s) to be amended and exact wording of the proposed amendment(s). Absent members will receive copies of the notice by e-mail or USPS mail to those not having an email account.

Section C: Reading and discussion of the proposed amendment will occur at the following business meeting after the meeting which the notice of intent is distributed. The proposed amendment may be voted on then or referred to a committee for further study. Not more than six months shall pass before a vote is taken on a proposed amendment.


The Over The Mountain Quilters' Guild Standing Rules are related to the details of the administration rather than parliamentary procedure.

The Standing Rules may be adopted or changed by ordinary means at a Guild meeting.

The Bylaws and the Standing Rules are published each year and included in the membership packet distributed to each member each year.


Minimum age for attendance of meetings must be at least 15 years of age.


Guild membership dues are $15.00 as established in 1998. Dues for the next year may paid after November 30

An at-door fee of $3.00, as established in 2000, will be collected from each attendee at each meeting.

Guests may attend one meeting and pay only the at-door fee of $3.00. Subsequent attendance will require payment of yearly membership dues.


The Guild budget is based on revenue from dues and meeting fees. At-door fees will be used for meeting place rental and program expenses.


All Guild Officers, Standing Committee Chairman, Special Committee Chairman, and Ad Hoc Committee Chairman have written job descriptions that include a detailed list of duties and responsibilities.

Copies of the job descriptions will be kept by the Secretary and will be open to the membership. Copies will be made available to members upon request.

Job Descriptions


  • Presides at all membership and Board of Directors meetings.
  • Is the official representative of the Guild.
  • Appoints special and ad hoc committee chairman.
  • Creates special committees as needed.
  • Informs membership of decisions made and actions taken by the Board of Directors.


  • Performs the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President.
  • Performs duties assigned by the President.
  • Serves on the Board of Directors.


  • Records minutes at membership and Board of Directors meetings.
  • Manages the Guild's correspondence.
  • Serves on the Board of Directors.


  • Receives, disburses, and accounts for all moneys of the Guild.
  • Prepares yearly estimated budget using previous years expenses as a guide.
  • Works closely with the Membership chairman on collection of dues and at-door fees.
  • Serves on the Board of Directors.

(Elected Committee Chairman)


  • Responsible for opening the building, turning on the lights and air conditioning or heat. A key will be provided.
  • Collects dues and membership forms.
  • Distributes signed membership cards to all paid members.
  • Compiles and keeps current roster in conjunction with the treasurer.
  • Makes and distributes membership packets to include roster, and pertinent information (By-laws, job description and badge instructions).
  • Keeps sign-in sheet and collects at-door fees at each meeting.
  • Welcome new members and guests
  • Extras may include arrangements for door prizes and drawings. It is the prerogative of the membership chair what the monthly drawing will be, i.e. fat quarters, blocks, color schemes.
  • Serves on the Board of Directors.


  • Schedules educational and instructional programs that promote the art of quilting for each meeting.
  • Includes hands-on projects such as block of the month and special topic workshops that are quilting related.
  • Provides folders to each member that include the basic sewing kit and the program calendar.
  • Teachers (besides the program chair or co-chair) may be members or guests.
  • Makes certain that material requirements, project instructions, and kits are completed for each meeting with enough copies provided for the entire membership. Extra/leftover copies will be given to the membership chair for the new member packets. Extra kits are available to members for $3.00.
  • Make certain the Internet coordinator receives electronic files of the supply lists and any instructions that need to be uploaded to the web site.
  • Is responsible for closing the Lodge building at the end of each meeting either by staying until all members have left or finding a volunteer to close. Closing the building is turning off the air conditioner or heater, taking out the trash, making sure the ironing boards and other properties have been put away, turning off the lights and locking the building. A list of closing duties will be posted on the storage door.
  • Serves on the Board of Directors.


  • Represents the interest of the Guild membership as it pertains to issues of community service.
  • Seeks out appropriate community service projects and acts as a liaison between the Guild and the recipient agency of the community service.
  • Obtains membership approval for large projects requiring participation by a majority of members and/or reimbursements for materials.
  • Oversees all community service projects to completion.
    Serves on the Board of Directors.

(Appointed by President Elect)


  • Keeps the history of the Over the Mountains Quilters' Guild in a scrapbook.
  • Takes photos, collects articles, letters and other memorabilia to be included in scrapbook.
  • Encourages input from all members and documents all members through use of a membership form and roster information.
  • Makes scrapbook available at regular meetings and special events for perusal by members and guests.


  • Sends cards with appropriate messages to any members who may be in need of "sunshine" due to personal illness, family illness, or death in the family.
  • Sends congratulatory cards to members when appropriate.


  • Assists members in filling out information forms and displaying show and tell items at each meeting.
  • Describes show and tell items to meeting attendees during the regular meeting using information obtained from member bringing item to meeting.
  • Requests displays of particular designs or techniques for a special presentation.
  • Returns items appropriately.
  • Keeps appropriate supplies for show and tell displays.


  • Maintains and updates web site, including uploading meeting photos and files from the Program Chairman and other members.


  • Compiles and keeps current the pictorial roster in conjunction with membership.


  • Schedules pot luck lunches and the anniversary celebration of the guild. Stores the paper goods and maintains the supply.

(Appointed by President Elect)


  • Submits a complete list of nominees for all of the elective offices and elective committee chairmen by the September membership meeting.


  • Reviews and revises the Bylaws for membership approval.