September Show & Tell

Beverly, Programs Chair
Monique and Ann
Monique and Shelly - Show & Tell
Kathy Keller's Red, White, and Black Series
Kathy's 2nd in the series
Kathy's 3rd in the series
Guest Lynette Shows her quilts
Lynette Shows Quilt #2
Lynette's #3 and #4
Lynette's #5 and #6
Shelley's new bag
Shelly's Pineapple Block Table Runner
Theresa's Pastell Quilt
Siggi Made a Quilt with her Winnings 1
Kathryn and Ann
OTM's 16th Anniversary - Claudia made the cake
Another Great Potluck
Claudia - Bylaws
Demo - Beverly did the Quillow
Demo - Carol showed Grandmother's Garden
Demo - Carol's Tissue Holders
Demo - Cindy did the Thread Catcher
Demo - Eileen shows a new apron
Demo - Everyone's enjoying the day
Demo - Jacque's Christmas Napkins
Demo - Jacque's napkins
Demo - Shelly's Cord Cozy
Demo - Carol also did the Magic Twist
Demo - Susannah did Faux Binding